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19 de mar de 2011


If you're eyes open, try closing them ... Now open them only to the inside. It is time to briefly visit his inner world.

Walk quietly around inside you, lingering long on good images you have stored. There is no problem in visiting your file, or your old trunk, provided that in the past for inspiration, food and give strength to the present.

 Stick to the most precious thing you have lived.

Someone special has been forming and shaping up for the time
and the history of that time. You're happy for the child you dream of farming comes day after day, year after year. If you want to open your eyes, open them and look well reveal the child that still shines on you.

Thank. Life goes on. Today will be another day in the building's history. The scenes of the day ahead will also be marked, so you can revisit them.
Today you write more good in this story page.

The child is in the air that you always preserve within himself.
Open heart, ready smile, embrace easy, heartfelt kiss.

On the street, at work, at home, everyone will notice is that
before someone very special.

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