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19 de mar de 2011

Find happiness - (Encontre a felicidade)

We ran from one side to another hoping to find the key to happiness. Hopefully all that concerns us is resolved by magic. We know that life is so different, at least we were happy.

And so, some fleeing from home to be happy and others return home to be happy. Some marry to be happy and others will be happy to divorce. Some trips are expensive to be happy and other work than normal to be happy.

An endless search. Wasted years. Never the moon is at hand, never the fruit is ripe, the wine is never the point. We are never satisfied.

But is there a better way to live! From the moment we decide to be happy, our pursuit of happiness came to an end. Because we realize that happiness is not in material wealth, the new house, new car in that career, that person. And never is for sale.

When we can not find satisfaction within ourselves, it is pointless to seek elsewhere. Whenever we rely on things outside of us to have joy, we are doomed to disappointment.

Happiness has nothing to do with getting. Is to satisfy ourselves with what we have and what we have.

Few things are necessary to make the wise man happy while no fortune to meet in a nonconformist. The needs of each one of us are few.

While we have something to do, someone to love, something to hope and to believe in one God, we will be happy.

Learn: the only source of happiness lies within you, and should be divided. Share their joy is like perfume spread on the other: a few drops always end up
falling over yourself.

"In the uncertainty of tomorrow, enjoy today to be happy."

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