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2 de fev de 2011

A New Marriage (Um novo casamento)

When are couples who have been together for years, the first question that arises is: how do you get? Actually, the way things are going, where couples are separated with the same rapidity with which unite, is a bit puzzling to find the ones that stay together year after year.

One man had the opportunity to write about it, detailing his experience as a married man 30 years ago, with the same woman. He says the secret to marriage is not the eternal harmony. There are disagreements, the raids. The solution is to balance, calm down and leave again with the same woman.

The secret, he adds, is to renew the marriage and not seek a new marriage. This requires some care, forgotten on the day of the couple. From time to time just go back to dating, courting. Make a new honeymoon with no children to demand attention.

Look the other as a potential suitor. Going out dancing, to look at the moon and the stars. What happens when a person is divorced and marries again? The world changes, the husband changes, the neighborhood, friends. Everything changes. So, no need to divorce. Simply change. Admittedly no one bears the same woman, the same husband for thirty years with the same clothes, same lipstick, the same crop.

Just a few details to make everything different. Replace the household. If you can not buy new, then replace the old place. Redecorate your house. Modify the environment. Grow different flowers in the garden. Change your wardrobe, hair style, color, lipstick, makeup.

Who divorces usually loses weight in a short time. Make sure you are overweight and decide to lose the excess. Renew itself. Delight the other, again. Regain it. Not only keep the same friends. Earn more. Allow yourself to meet new people.

Go out with other couples. But also alone. Relearn the pleasure of talking, whispering secrets into the ear of one another. Laughing at small blunders. Eating ice cream in one cup. Sharing a pizza. Smeared by eating a fruit of the season.

Not always perform the same programs, every fourth, every Sunday. Innovate. Surprise. Every spouse needs to evolve, study, improve themselves, get involved in things that would never have thought to do at first marriage. At work, grow professionally, to do this. Why not in marriage, the family itself?

All this to say: discover the new man or the new woman who lives at his side. Instead of running around, trying to find a new and interesting pair, look to the side and marry again ... With the same partner. The best strategy to keep the marriage is not a stable relationship, always the same, but know how to change together.

You learn the important lesson of how to grow and evolve together, despite disagreements, the small mistakes.
Make sure that your children will respect your decision to marry again ... With the same pair.

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